CyberTuner Ver.7.7.1

2017年10月12日 by Piano in Piano & Work

CyberTunerがバージョンアップして iOS11 に対応。同時に 従来のオクターブモードに加え Pure 12ths. OTS P モード搭載。


Pure 12ths or OTS “P” tuning style
OTS P tunes zero beat 12ths (octave+fifth) and works very well on all piano sizes
from spinet to concert grand by applying a consistent stretch throughout the piano
scale. OTS P better integrates the harmonics of large chords spread over the entire
keyboad by working with inharmonicity instead of against it. At the upper and lower
extremes OTS P feathers 12ths to 19ths (2 octaves+fifth) on some larger and/or
lower inharmonicity pianos.


デベロッパ: Reyburn Piano Service, Inc.

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